Königsbau Passagen
Königstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany
Retail and prime office

Königsbau Passagen is a prime retail and office complex in central Stuttgart. It was purchased by Evans Randall Investors shortly after it was opened in 2006.

The asset, which provides 26,000 square metres of retail and 18,000 square metres of prime office, has undergone intensive asset management during our ownership leading to an increase in the annual rent roll of €2.6m. This has been delivered through a combination of increases to unit rental rates, achieving full occupation of the offices and from a €10 million redevelopment of the second and third floors to create a high quality food lounge.

In 2019 we completed a secondary transaction with European investment partners, Poste Vita, one of Italy’s largest insurance companies and Enpam, the Italian pension fund for doctors and dentists.